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View Diary: Guardian teams with the New York Times in effort to protect Snowden documents (91 comments)

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  •  Greenwald hurts himself, but that's nothing (0+ / 0-)

    new.  He isn't great about self editing - he tends to say what's on his mind without thinking about it.  That doesn't necessarily mean that he's not telling the truth.  I actually think he often "over shares", as it were.

    There have been a few things along the way that he has said that would have made me nervous if I had been one of his sources.  Not to mean that I think he's said anything to reveal sources, but I have heard him say some things where it sounded like he was offering up more information than was required at the time.  Maybe it was strategic and smart in ways that we do not know right now, but it seemed to me like he was unnecessarily tipping his hand.  The Times story about Poitras and her means of moving information also sounded like she's incredibly naive, but maybe she had a reason to have that story documented publicly.

    My guess is that this saga is going to go on for some time to come and that it will get weirder before it gets clearer.

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