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View Diary: A few thoughts on the intelligence apparatus (9 comments)

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  •  Good ones. (6+ / 0-)

    A few raw bullets:

    -  Succinctly - we own ourselves - IRL or digital.  

    Americans need to own our own demographic & biometric. Any private use should be restricted to the citizen's direct transaction only. Any public of the owned data use should be by a court order. No sharing should be allowed until an explicit opt in permission is granted. I don't care if IP traffic or even analog phone content is analyzed but to be connected to an individual (e.g., demographic or biometric data) requires a court or the citizen's permission.

    This is the most important issue IMO. This frames surveillance into a very different set of boundaries. Data retention and archival, even architected Big Data with limits, are not as much of a concern to me but access is.

    - FISC should be completely transparent to Congress, the Supreme Court and maybe a few exceptions limited to just the Intel Comm.

    - the separation of military and policing needs to be rigorous. The confusion of the boundaries between Homeland Security, military, and police needs to be fixed - in public, transparently, easily & universally understood, with oversight. On CSPAN!

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