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  •  About those "two whole weeks" (1+ / 0-)
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    he BUSTED HIS ASS for two whole weeks to earn that cash!
    Although this posting is a righteous rant about Mickelson's selfishness, it commits an error that is too frequently common (like, all the time) when criticisms are made about metrics for much athletes work to earn their pay.  I think I see it most often when discussing how much football players earn per game or even per carry.  

    So the golf tournament lasted two weeks...and how many hours and weeks and years of practice did Mickelson "bust his ass" to be good enough to just qualify to play in a professional tournament?  

    Although he's a jerk about social capital, he did earn a paycheck for a lifetime of developing his skills.  Yet these micro-focused arguments ignore the amount of time effort required to develop oneself to be a professional athlete.  The arguments are formed as though there was no effort worth rewarding prior to the athlete walking unto the course or field or court.    

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