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  •  I twice supervised my mother's recouperation (2+ / 0-)
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    Villanova Rhodes, emmasnacker

    from hip replacement surgery. It doesn't require skilled nursing care. It does, however, require constant prodding to get the necessary exercises to strengthen the muscles and insure the success of the surgery done. What they call "rehab" is just a matter of putting the patient through her paces three times a day. There are probably between eight and a dozen exercise routines that need to be done religiously and most people won't do them unless forced. Yes, the bones heal, but unless the muscles and tendons are strengthened to support the bone, it won't work right and being out of kilter causes pains in various places. Pain killers won't help if the underlying misalignments aren't corrected.

    It's my guess that if patients have to pay for drill sergeants out of pocket, they have an incentive to be compliant and get the rehab over and done with.

    •  this is why Medicare isn't paying (1+ / 0-)
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      Villanova Rhodes
      It doesn't require skilled nursing care.
      Medicare pays for rehab and skilled nursing care.  An Assisted Living facility does not provide skilled nursing care.

      If he would have sent her to a nursing home because she also required skilled nursing care and rehab then her stay would have been covered.

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