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View Diary: Don't Believe the Hype--Limbaugh is Losing Big (37 comments)

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  •  Wish we could get that data, too! It makes (7+ / 0-)

    intuitive sense to me that ads would generate more revenue in larger markets like New York, Philadelphia, L.A., San Francisco, etc., and it is in these markets where stations have had the hardest time keeping local ad slots on his show filled.  When we research the local replacement sponsors for contact data, we're finding more and more are pretty low-rent, don't even have a website or Facebook page, so I'd guess they are not able to pay top dollar for ads.  And, we're finding more and more who are horrified to find they've been put on the show, thank us for the heads up, and get their ads yanked immediately.

    There are also the occasional fun surprises, like Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in New Orleans. Not sure there'll be many Rush Babes bellying up to the bar to take advantage of the weekly events they highlight on Twitter, but when we told them they were wedged between various erectile dysfunction treatment ads, they said "Perfect!" Of course, they had a point.

    As to the national vs. local ad worth, there are very few recognizable names that we're hearing on all stations, Midas, being one of them.  As ProgLegs says, most of the others make you laugh when you hear them, truly, like the Spotlight Stock ad featuring a medical marijuana distribution mechanism stock, REFG, and Social Security Free, both of which Proglegs has written about.  Others have sketchy contact info, those websites which make a warning pop up on your computer screen.  Others, like  Mahindra Tractor have limited repeat customer potential.  How many tractors can even the most dedicated Dittohead buy, assuming they have need of a tractor in the first place?

    In Mediaite it was reported that an industry insider said 48 of 50 top advertisers in the U.S. specify No Air for both Limbaugh and Hannity, so the effort is impacting other shows of a similar nature.  We don't monitor Hannity's show, so we don't know, but my guess is Cumulus was running lots of PSAs there to fill empty slots like it does on Limbaugh's, as ProgLegs covered in another diary.  On one Cumulus station, we heard 58 PSAs in one day on Limbaugh's show.  I imagine they take a tax deduction for their charitable contribution of air time, but  even if they value it at the rate they were able to get in February, 2012 instead of the current value,  it's not worth as much to them as a paid ad.

    In Philadelphia, his WWIQ is flipping from Limbaugh to the Lord, to Christian rock.  He moved from WPHT to WWIQ in June last year, and it's not clear they want him back.  If not, it doesn't appear there's another clear landing spot.

    In any case, we knew Clear Channel was preparing to move him to their stations if Cumulus dumped him from their 35 of the 600 he says he's on (some markets have two stations which simulcast, others are AFRN in different locations).  If I were negotiating for a smaller station group, I'd love to be able to cite the hard bargain it appears Cumulus was able to drive.

    So, on we go!  I do have to thank Mr. Limbaugh for inspiring so many of us to find this wonderful Daily Kos community, and to figure out Twitter and Facebook.  In this post-Citizens United era, I am heartened by what powerful tools they can be, and how many people are willing to work so hard, for free, to improve public discourse and thereby, our country.  It makes me feel like a real patriot, by gum!  Many thanks to ProgLegs for the great diaries.

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