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View Diary: Barack Obama Abandons NJ and Buono (78 comments)

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    We are still about 15 months away from the election. If the race does tighten, there is plenty of time for Obama to help out. There isn't much he could do this early in the race that would likely have much impact, so far down the line. If Buono can make a race of it in the next 12 months, Obama could still help push her over the finish line. If she is nowhere close a year from now, nothing Obama could have done prior to that time would have made much of a difference. It wouldn't just be pointless. It could be counterproductive and come at a cost in other potentially winnable elections. He has only so much political capital to spend (to semi-quote you know who) and it should be focused where it can to make as big of an impact as possible. I would rather use Obama to help pick up  house and senate seats, rather than just end up just putting a speed bump in the way of the big guy's 2016 quixotic presidential plans. In the end Obama, may very well end up letting you down, but it may actually be the right call under the circumstances. We just don't know yet. You are free to tell me to stick it, but I would dial it down a little at this point until we see how things play out.

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