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  •  "CNN said that . ." I saw that comment (4+ / 0-)

    yesterday and just laughed.  The war propaganda and lies are so deep that even those that should know better are talking in their terms.  I had a time out the last few days from here, enforced, and had time to just read and observe the discussions and diaries about Syria.  Very, very few know what's going on and why and yet most have a strong opinion.  It's really unbelievable they can pull off something like this again, although it may fall apart.  There is much more evidence that the rebels, with outside help, did this than there is the Assad regime.  That is all over the internet.  Many people know this is all a lie right now.  I'm amazed at how evil people think Assad is without giving any balance to their own government, like George W. Bush, killing one million Iraqis and using plenty of gas of its own.  Most don't even know, they're just parroting the information the MSM and the government feed them.  Same as it ever was.

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