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  •  In The Shadow Of Steve Jobs (10+ / 0-)

    There's been some grumbling about the leadership of Apple CEO Tim Cook. He has been criticized for not having the "vision" of his predecessor, and recently investor Carl Icahn has started buying up Apple stock in an effort to force Cook into a stock buyback.

    Reuters has a piece taking a closer look at Cook and his effect at Apple.

    From Apple Insider:

    While Jobs was legendary for his sometimes ruthless aggression, Cook has a much more calm demeanor that Apple itself has come to reflect. Among the more noteworthy changes, Apple has become more transparent about its overseas supply chain, while Cook has also instituted a charitable matching program for employees to donate up to $10,000.

    Despite his reputation as a "nice guy," Cook and his "methodical, no-nonsense style" can be intimidating, the new profile reveals. The CEO will reportedly rock steadily in his chair while listening in a meeting. If the pace changes, that's when employees become concerned. With just one sentence, Cook can make an employee feel like they "want to crawl in a hole and die," one person familiar with the CEO told Reuters.

    Among the toughest decisions he has made was firing Scott Forstall, the company's previous head of iOS development. That decision came after the launch of iOS 6 and Apple's new Maps application in late 2012 — a product so subpar that Cook felt compelled to issue an apology to customers, and even recommend alternative mapping applications.

    The profile also revealed the effects of corporate change at Apple under Cook. The company's number of employees have grown exponentially, but there have also reportedly been a greater number of departures from Apple, with Silicon Valley recruiters indicating they see more resumes from Apple employees than ever before — particularly from hardware engineers.

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