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  •  You'll note that in some of the cases reported ... (4+ / 0-)

    ... the miscreants in question are indeed facing charges specifically related to their recklessness with firearms. The LA County deputy sherriffs in #20 who somehow thought it was a good idea to carry their guns along to their sing-along, drink-along weekends at the ol' campground are facing charges under what looks like Section 246.3 of the California Penal Code (and of course they can kiss not only their jobs but any further career in law enforcement goodbye regardless of what happens with that). The goofball would-be Inspector Clouseau in #3 seems to have violated Section 941.20(1)(a) of the Wisconsin statutes, which would also provide for the punishment of much of the behavior seen in this and other GunFAIL! threads. Incident #5 has engendered a felony charge.

    You get the idea. In other weeks we've seen other people charged for similar behavior (Georgia apparently enforces its statute that criminalizes just pointing a gun at someone regardless of whether it is discharged or not), either under firearm-specific statutes, or just the general laws of reckless endangerment.

    But you are right that this kind of sloppiness should cost people their clean criminal records more often that it does.

    •  what about the swat team (3+ / 0-)
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      Joy of Fishes, dufffbeer, a2nite

      Who brought live rounds to a reading class, and then said that nothing could have been done differently.  People, children are curious.  They put things in their months.  They play with things to see how they work.  If you put a loaded gun in front of child, and expect him not to pull the trigger, you are just uneducated.  The kid is not the one who should be charged, the swat team should be charged for extreme lack of common sense.

      It is funny.  The other day I read an article about how up in arms everyone is about the gang kids holding guns.  Haven't we seen the exact same thing in NRA literature?

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