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View Diary: * New Day * — I Don't Like Labor Day. What Does It Mean To You? ATTN: Indianapolis Kossacks! (259 comments)

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  •  Good morning ... what is it with you folks ... (14+ / 0-)

    it's Labor Day, so get out and labor. Laboring hard to make the world a sane place. Don't you have to work?

    You got food ?

    Lucky you. Yesterday, totally burned out at around 4 pm of laboring I sinned big time. I have three options to get food (all of them too expensive really, but heh I am too unorganized and tired to bring my "lunch" to work, because "lunch" means to me something cooked from scratch and tasty, spicy, really nice homemade stuff).
    Who has the strength to do make it? So, my three options are something like Moby Dick's Persian food. Not bad, but if you eat it every day some day you just can't eat it anymore, then there is Sushi, good, especially Udon soup, hot with thick noodles etc, but it's too expensive. Then there is some salad. Good, but too far away from the office, too expensive.

    So, yesterday I was so mad that I went with weak knees and actually pretty dizzy in my head  to "Johnny Rockets Original Hamburgers", dumped myself at their counter and played the nasty customer. Ordered fries, grilled cheese and because I was so darn hungry an original Hamburger. Oh boy, it worked in the first five minutes but then I started to feel ... as someone had hit my stomach. I felt "force fed" with stuff that clogged my upper intestines. Big regrets afterwards and almost double the prize of what I usually spend, because I ordered two things as one was somewhat not enough for my hunger.

    Then I went back to work, sat til 10 pm in f'n freezing dark office, realized I get sick from the air conditioning, went home, talked some nonsense with my son and then fell on my bed, fully dressed feeling the flue coming in on my throat.

    Labor day. Ha. Good food? Where? In my office? Yack.

    OK, enough of this.

    Have all a wonderful, sane, relaxing day and yes, don't work too much. It's Labor Day, you know, it makes really sense.  I mean why do you have your Labor Day in September and we have it first of May? International Labor Day, you know. Why do the US always has their own schtick. You still deal with oz and feet and inches. Come on, can't you be a little bit more modern and international flavored?

    Ok, I leave you alone now.

    Enjoy your weekend. I am not that awful a person as I sound, really, it's just part of not knowing what to say here.

    Civil Men Are For Civil Rights

    by mimi on Sat Aug 31, 2013 at 08:39:53 AM PDT

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