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  •  Why do some humans want to exercise dominion (3+ / 0-)
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    xaxnar, onionjim, Lily O Lady

    over their own kind? That's the core question.

    Accumulating dollars just lets them do it without being directly identified as the master and deprivator of rights.

    Dollar sign segregation. Who could object? Haven't we identified the accumulation of dollars as a virtue?

    Virtual dominion. Is that better or worse than the palpable kind, where the master holding the whip is identified? Well, it's certainly better for the master. No doubt he sleeps more soundly at night, knowing the dollars won't object to being stuck in a vault or shipped overseas.
    The dollar as enforcer.

    It's easy to implement a hidden agenda when we just look at the numbers.

    How do we explain to Walmart customers that they are being nickle and dimed to death?

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