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View Diary: HAPPY UPDATE!!!! HE'S HOME!!!!!! Hi everyone. Help me, please (209 comments)

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  •  can you get around to any neighbors? (6+ / 0-)

    they'll help spread the word, and ask them to also, mention it it to others, leave voice messages even, if you can

    maybe he sheltered in one of their garages or sheds... you can ask them to keep an eye out, maybe even someone took him in

    is this police or sheriff? cause when you lose livestock calling the sheriff is a really good idea

    does he have any dog friends he's used to? maybe having them in the neighborhood could help

    and there's a rare bit of advice, but it's actually pretty smart, and if you're used to animals absolutely not offensive, pee outdoors, leave a trail for him :)

    if you can't, can his doggy fiends?

    can you post this diary on a local animal site? my town has 'concern for animals', it works so well

    and then there's the road posters... get them ready even if he shows up

    I know many dogs that are what I call smart, that is they hate loud bangs (won't hijack), I don't know if those vests (thundershirts) help

    he's gorgeous, what's his name?

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