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    When I lived in rural Vermont years ago, my Geordie (namesake of my handle here) got out of my yard - it was late winter, feet of snow on the ground, and he just disappeared. He was gone for 3 days - but our local radio station then had a local deejay who would announce lost pet notices over the air, so I called them and asked for that, hoping against hope.  Amazingly, I got a call the day after that aired, an old man telling me he'd seen my dog on a local rural road.  I drove frantically over there - it was easily 6 or 7 miles cross country from my house, and found a barn at the end of this road - I called his name a few times, and Geordie came trotting out, fat, warm and happy.  He must have holed up in that barn for most of the time, so he had food and warmth, but he was very happy to see me anyway.  So don't give up hope - if you live in an area where a local radio station would do that, try for a lost dog radio announcement.  And even if they won't, it's quite possible he's found refuge someplace and is fine.

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