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View Diary: White person makes restaurant ask party of 25 blacks to leave (113 comments)

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  •  The local newspaper thinks IT'S A JOKE (4+ / 0-)

    No, really, you should read the article about it on their website.  They think that it should not be a story, and say they wouldn't even be writing about it except for the fact that it has gone viral.

    The money quotes:

    Gone are the days — say 10 years ago — when gatekeepers such as journalists and businesses decided what made headlines because the public didn’t have the resources to get their message out.

    “The story happens first and the journalists have to figure out if they’re going to run with it,” Ferguson said of today’s climate. “They almost have no choice because the story grows so big.”

    So, in other words, they're saying "Nothing to see here, folks, except a bunch of crybabies typing away in their parent's basements."   Pathetic.
    •  I can understand the larger rationale (0+ / 0-)

      I work at a newspaper, and we constantly get requests from people to do a story about their bad experience with a business. And we usually don't take it up.

      "Sears gave me a bad oil change," isn't a story; it involves no taxpayer dollars and is basically a private dispute. It's not a media outlet's job to be the megaphone for one person who feels slighted by a for-profit business, because the person already has recourse: Don't go back, and tell friends to do the same.

      There are obvious differences here, but I don't see any indication that Brown and his family went to the media at all about this. Was the newspaper aware of this before it went on Facebook?

      There are reasons you hold off on covering private disputes until and unless a lawsuit is filed and/or a public groundswell takes place.

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