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View Diary: White person makes restaurant ask party of 25 blacks to leave (113 comments)

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    I'm sure Wild Wings Cafe doesn't have a formal policy of permitting racial discrimination, but they also might not try very hard to avoid it.  Think about who works there.  It's not exactly the greatest job in the world.  Chain restaurants live to pay as little as possible, so the people who work there may have few better options.  Now if you go to the south and hire folks to manage restaurants, you're likely to get white people who do not, so to speak, have an Ivy League education.  These are the voting base of the Republicans, and among many of them (not all, of course), their attitudes are reflected in the idiots they elect like Paul Broun and Virginia Foxx.

    So if the businesses don't make it clear from the get-go that they have to leave their prejudices at the door when they report to work, they're being negligent.

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