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  •  There are other ways to get a pardon. (3+ / 0-)
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    vcmvo2, thenekkidtruth, chuco35

    If you are politically connected, or have influential friends, you can go around the Pardon Office. But for everyone else, you have to go through the Pardon Office and this is the only way you get to the through procedures clearly laid on by the Pardon Office's published policy.

    If you can find another official policy of the U.S. Government regarding pardon policy, cite it and link it.

    Otherwise stop your bitching.

    •  So not cool. (0+ / 0-)

      You stated as a fact that Obama could not pardon Manning. You now acknoledge that that was wrong, describe how it's wrong, then, most bizarrely, ask for a link to prove there's another way to get pardoned. After just giveing examples yourself.

      And then top it off with, "Quite your bitching."

      Not just wrong and dumb. But purely assholish.

      •  Heh. Now you're moving the goalposts. (2+ / 0-)
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        Hey338Too, thenekkidtruth
        You stated as a fact that Obama could not pardon Manning.
        Quote me where I said that.

        You can't because I never said it. What I said was that Manning would have to go through the Pardon Office like everyone else because he's not special just because he's a trandgendered white person with lefty politics. I know such people are the holiest of holies around here, but to me they're no better than anyone else. I said...quote me.

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