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View Diary: Wealthy white columnist enters Georgetown boutique, debunks myth of racism in America, exits (205 comments)

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    The other night at dinner we were discussing where my very bright niece might go to college. She began lamenting how unfair it is that she works so hard but that her black counter parts have only to fill out an app to be accepted to any school they want. She wants to go to engineering school. I said (cause I couldn't help it)...Sometimes white folks don't understand or lose touch with the advantages given them because of slavery. I said that if you measure important advantages, the folks that come to the head of the line are white...because centuries ago our families whether from the south or the north, benefitted on the backs of slave labor. My sister in law quickly shut me up...and stated "I don't believe prejudice exists anymore". I about blew my oats across the room, but I was sitting in a room full of racists. That niece, bright as she is, is looking for an excuse for when she doesn't get into the fancy school she wanted. Yah, it's sad. She's smart and they have no money to send her to college. Then don't vote republican. Don't blame the African American community for your hardship. Dear God...!

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