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View Diary: Wealthy white columnist enters Georgetown boutique, debunks myth of racism in America, exits (205 comments)

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  •  Skin Color CAN be Changed (not that you'd want to) (0+ / 0-)

    The late singer Michael Jackson, for some reason (a skin condition resulting in patchwork skin colors, possibly) had his skin bleached, a little at a time, so in theory it is possible.  But, of course, no one should HAVE TO consider such extreme measures, especially if they involve denying his/her inner being.

    I remember hearing idle, satirical speculation that adding silver nitrate (AgNO3) to a bigoted white racist's cologne would, after a few minutes of exposure to light, turn his face and neck dark grey until the outer layer of skin was worn off.  This was supposed to embarrass him into understanding how black people were treated.  No one ever TRIED this to my knowledge, but it made for some chuckles to think about.

    How about if Ms. Parker just accompanies Ms. Winfrey on a shopping trip and asks herself if she would like to be told she "could not afford" that handbag because of her skin color?  Or she could go on vacation in Barbados, where a black majority has oppressed a poor white "redlegs" minority for decades, and try "going native" to live off the land.

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