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  •  it's like unlocking a treasure chest (10+ / 0-)

    to focus on the kindnesses. I'm glad you had those people in your life.

    It fell upon my DH to take me back and forth to most of my radiation sessions and more things than I can possibly count. From him telling me terrible dumb jokes to make me laugh and relax me before I went in for surgery to telling me to think of soft fluffy kitties when I was too agitated to do the tube feedings (don't ask) to not complaining when I woke him up three hours before he had to go to work because I was having a very bad panic attack. He pretty much was my social support system.

    A long-distance friend I made in the Buffy fandom sent me the complete Due South DVD set and tried to find someone in the area to help me out.

    An LJ friend sent my name to The Lydia Project and had them send me a wonderful goodie bag with a tote and journal and a note that said "you are not alone" which made me blub for 15 minutes.

    Other long distance friends and relatives who sent me cards with pooties, lots and lots of pooties.

    My SIL sent me some really neat socks, allowing me to feel that at least one part of me was looking good on the radiation table.

    My therapist who helped pull me back to life.

    My mom sent me two of her teddy bears and although my parents were elderly they flew cross-country and they tried to help. My mom met a woman on the plane who worked for a Bay Area seed company and who sent me packets of veg and flower seeds.

    The subject is timely for me because I just had my 6 month check-up with my med. oncologist. All is looking well and I can follow the standard guidelines now for PAPS screenings, etc.

    To go in that clinic building though is to be clobbered with memories and bittersweet feelings. I cannot ever forget the kindness of dozens and dozens of people. It may have been a day of work for them but it meant the world to me.

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