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View Diary: ObamaCare is a Republican Disaster (75 comments)

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    60% of young Republicans are not in favor of repealing ObamaCare...(and I have noted that fewer and fewer Republican politicians are calling it ObamaCare...there's a reason for that!)

    Yes, the ACA is a Republican disaster waiting to would be better if the Republicans take some credit for it...since it is a warmed over Republican alternative to HillaryCare and, in many ways, the ACA is a national version of RomneyCare.

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      Chitown Kev

      Imagine the scenario where Obama trots out the ACA and the Republicans go, "What a minute there Mr. President. This is a Republican bill. You don't go taking credit for something we wrote, something one of our own actually implemented."

      For sure, the end result would not have been called "Obamacare," the Republicans would have shared the credit, and just maybe Mittens is in the White House.

      Their petulance and obstructionism will haunt them for at least a decade and, by then, the demographics will hopefully relegate the party to Whig status.

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