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View Diary: President Obama: Don't Strike Syria Without Congressional Approval (53 comments)

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    I agree with your hypothetical: if Iran were to get nuclear weapons, we would not and should not be indifferent to Iran threatening Israel with nuclear weapons, even though the U.S. has nuclear weapons and even though Israel has nuclear weapons.

    In your hypothetical, the U.S. would have plenty of tools at its disposal that would comply with democracy and the rule of law. In particular, if it appeared necessary to use military force, an authorization of force would pass through Congress like a hot knife through butter.

    I agree that the U.S. should try to stop Syria from using chemical weapons - at this writing, we don't know if Syria has done so. But it should do so while complying with democracy and the rule of law, as in your hypothetical. If the Administration wants to use force, it should go to Congress for authorization.

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      It looks all but certain that chemical weapons were used
      There are some pretty awful pictures of what it looks like in the area. 1000 people killed in a few hours, reports of foaming at mouth. Pretty scary stuff.
      What to do is another story, I was hoping we would stay out of this, because a full scale invasion would be a long and awful slog but to see people killed in a huge scale in awful as well.

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