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  •  Reining it in is right. (5+ / 0-)
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    What's needed to address the NSA's problems goes far beyond creating new layers of oversight. We need to reduce the scope and scale of the surveillance programs, including limiting the number and job classifications of people who have access. We need more effective audit trails on searches. The names and broad outlines of the programs should be made public, and individuals who are targets of surveillance should be given access to their files after a certain amount of time if they are not found to have done anything wrong. Reforms on this scale are going to require both administrative action and legislation.

    •  The NSA has had things their own way for so long (8+ / 0-)

      that I don't know how to rein in this rogue agency and leave legitimate international intelligence work intact.

      I think the NSA needs to be shut down, dismantled and rebuilt properly from the ground up. I would be fine with that rebuilding including revetting and rehiring many or most of the analysts and cryptographers who do the actual work.

      The other dozen or so American spy agencies would just have to work a tiny bit harder to keep us safe while all that was going on.

      When you triangulate everything, you can't even roll downhill...

      by PhilJD on Mon Aug 26, 2013 at 11:58:33 AM PDT

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