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View Diary: How the NSA protects us from terrorists and cheating spouses (134 comments)

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  •  It could be that. (7+ / 0-)

    It was common knowledge around town that there were House Democrats who feared that their affairs would be exposed if they didn't get on the Clinton impeachment bandwagon, but still...

    Especially on the Senate side - and you know from experience - those personalities feel pretty immune to criticism most of the time partly because of their six-year terms and partly because they've got huge egos.

    Personally, I think that a lot of this is due to ignorance about the technology and the potential for abuse that that technology holds.  

    The programs have been "sold" to a group of people - most of whom - do not really understand the technology or the power that they have given to the agency.  They see all of the "good" and haven't a clue what the potential for bad is.

    Meanwhile, the US Government is pushing all sorts of programs that aim to get more of people's data online - which all sounds very cool until you realize that it is almost like there will be no way not to have a digital trail in every aspect of your life.  

    Medical records online is one area where it looks great except that one wonders if one wants their medical records to be accessible to hackers whether they are government approved or not.

    Online education, which seems to be a big part of Obama's initiative to "improve" higher education (I disagree in concept and theory) - my college papers were between my professor and myself.  I have the original copies of the ones that I cared about.  There isn't a long trail of my wacky thoughts in college for someone to access 20 years later.

    Anyway, it is like we are being sort of set up to have a complete and trackable online life which I think is all great until you start to think about that in the context of the massive spying apparatus.

    Just some thoughts...

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