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View Diary: How DARE this Black President divide us with his blackness (88 comments)

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  •  I'm so glad you wrote "institutionalized (6+ / 0-)

    racism". Because they put her pandering to the RW in the local on-line news today and that was the first thing I thought of that she and those commentators who agree with her totally missed. Or they don't want to admit it.

    First off, Zimmerman made it about race when he started following Martin. So anyone who wants to point fingers at Obama...all I can think is they are trying to create something. The man is President and as President he is expected to speak about current events and issues in our country.

    I said when he was elected the first time that all of the racial stuff that kept on the down low will come out and it will get ugly. I'm sad that I was right about that.

    Being affected by crime that goes across race is not the same as discrimination. Having a sales person be attentive to you is not the same as being told you have to sit in a separate room to dine or that there are no rooms at the hotel because of the color of your skin.

    Until Kathleen Parker is told she has to sit at the back of the bus because of her skin color or her religious affiliation it's not discrimination and she has not experienced it.

    Not going to go on. But I want to say as a descendant of people from Northern Europe I am embarrassed to be of the same race as Kathleen Parker and those who agree with her bs. I for one do not agree with her at all.

    •  Just want to add that I would like to know (5+ / 0-)

      how many times Kathleen Parker has been stopped by the police and searched even though she did nothing to warrant it.

    •  Zimmerman stalked and killed him (8+ / 0-)

      whereas the right wing is pushing this Christopher Lane kid whose death was tragic as some kind of a white equivalent. Christopher Lane is their Trayvon with a pinch of Benghazi, as in, why isn't the President also focusing on this, he must not care about white people wink wink nod nod.

      And now we have conservatives waxing idiotic trying to find their bizarro white kid version of Trayvon, because god forbid a white conservative isn't the biggest victim in all this. I saw one of the schmucks on Fox's The Five compared a white kid getting bullied to Trayvon and bemoan why Obama wasn't outraged too over some bullshit Fox is moaning about.

      So on one hand you have the embarrassing way conservative pundits and politicians have responded to the TRAGEDY that is Trayvon Martin's killing while at the same time hosting Drunk Black History with Bill O'Reilly nightly as he whitesplains to you people what your living parents who experienced it don't know because sneak liberals tricked them, all while insisting that liberals have enslaved black people to food stamps by not free markets do their trickle down magic on all of us in a golden shower of Reagan Approved splendor.

      Zimmerman killed Trayvon and he is free today, out buying bigger guns. There is no white equivalent to that in America. If a grown black man killed a white child in self defense in Florida does anyone actually believe he'd be free and gun shopping a year later?

      Yeah, I'm embarrassed to be white by these people. I will say so. I was wearing my Kepi in Kentucky once and had a white guy congratulate me on the rebel hat. I had to explain to his dumb ass that it was blue for the Union cause we won, he mighta missed that on Fox News.

      The conservatives in America are our National Embarassment. We are not apologizing for America we are apologizing for YOU, Republicans.

      Regulate banks, not vaginas

      by MinistryOfTruth on Mon Aug 26, 2013 at 03:33:23 PM PDT

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      •  Yeah, Christopher Lane was killed not (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        doroma, The Marti

        because someone suspected he might commit a crime but because the killers were bored.

        It does not equate.

        But then facts are not useful to those who push that agenda.

        Just like being watched in a store does not equate to racism being dead in this country.

        What's really sad is both deaths are just a part of the culture of violence in our country and no one is talking about that.

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