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  •  My point was not that this was an average ... (3+ / 0-)

    income (I don't make that much myself), but that it was a sort of upward limit on deriving happiness - you simply don't gain any more real satisfaction above that level unless money is you whole interest (a rather unbalanced life, I would think.)  One could argue that it depends on what satisfies one personally.  Some people may be as happy as they can get at $20,000 a year and others may need $1 million.  I am of the opinion (but that is me) that there is no human being who is worth more than $1 million a year, even a rock star or football player.

    In other words having $10 billion does not extend your happiness in proportion to having a steady income of a maximum of $75,000.  You are not even say 5% more happy. This is at least in part, I think, because a human being has really no concept of $10 billion or even $1 million and you can only play with so many toys and you can't live in more than one house at a time.  Time is more important than money.

    Work and money are related, but not (as I have noted) in proportion to the value of the work done.  If that were true teachers, fire fighters, police, and even garbage collectors would be paid more than some bankers.

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