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    Last week I noticed there were some surprisingly conciliatory words directed at the US from Iran's new president. Do you think that was perhaps intended to give us something else to think about in the decision whether to attack or not?

    I don't think Iran will get involved. I think we'll just get rhetoric from Russia & Iran. I never understand China enough to really understand their response, but they'll certainly continue to buy the US bonds funding any strike.

    On the one hand, you want to send a message that chemical weapons are unacceptable and using them will have consequences. On the other hand, are cruise missiles made in the US an effective consequence?

    In the end if we don't act, that would send a signal to Iran to go ahead with their nuclear plans.

    I keep wondering what might be an alternate strategy for Obama? What if he gave Assad an out, allowing UN troops to confiscate the remaining chemical stockpiles?

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