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  •  lovely diary, cfk! (5+ / 0-)

    and a wonderful community of commenters as always!

    i must go back in time, when it comes to words. In Charlotte's Web, written by E.B. White, the spider writes 'some pig' and saves the life of wilbur, what a testament to the power of words. Then in high school, amazed to find EB white wrote a grownup book that changed my life when it came to using words 'Elements of Style'. note he will likely roll over in his grave if he saw how i write, especially how i punctuate, but going on.

    another memory. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, which is all about playing with words, supposedly written for kids, but i think some of the jokes are meant for older readers.  

    anyways, early on, here is King Azaz to Milo on words.

    He drew from inside his cape a small  heavy box about the size of a schoolbook and handed it ceremoniously to Milo.

    "In this box are all the words I know," he said. "Most of the you will never need, some you will use constantly, but with them you may ask all of the questions which have never been answered and answer all the questions which have never been asked. All the great books of the past and all the ones yet to come are made with hese words. With them there is no obstacle you cannot overcome. All you must learn to do is use them well and in the right places".

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