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  •  My wife and I have walked in your shoes many times (4+ / 0-)

    over the years. While a dog person, we have each had one very special companion that occupied a unique position in our lives at a time when it was most needed. Guthrie was an Irish Setter that was my wife's best friend at a time when she was in an extremely vulnerable emotional and physical state. He shadowed her everywhere and supported her continuously while he took on her problems physically and died a year later.
    I had my own special relationship with Levon, another Irish that became my personal shadow and walked with me through my own period of dysfunction and difficult personal struggles. They both somehow knew their roles in life were to take on the burden of their partners. They both died much too early as a result. I feel blessed to have know that such souls exist with such selfless devotion that they are willing to take on the responsibility of protecting their masters. I am on my fifth Irish Setter Liam, and I hope that one day I will be honored to say he is as special as The One that touched my soul and made me whole again. Cherish the time that you have with Tango and keep him with you every day that you live. You are so very fortunate to have him with you at your time of need.

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