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  •  Conspiracy Theories are BAD, mmmkay? (3+ / 0-)

    That's why they are explicitly prohibited here. (Although they still seem to be ill-defined...)

    Ray Pensador should be banned, to the second power, because now he's voicing a Conspiracy Theory about Conspiracy Theories!!!

    As a good, lockstep DKos'er, who believes to my bones that we should be working diligently to
    "elect MORE and better Democrats",
    I believe that Ray Pensador is an orange heretic.

    For one, he actually believes, and proudly states that he believes, that wealthy people might collude to increase their wealth and power. CT poppycock. Ban him.

    Further he believes, and states, that said wealthy people might use both legal and illicit means to manipulate our democracy in their favor. This is an outrage. The man's capacity for CT knows no bounds, apparently. Why are his diaries not HRed into the void?

    Moreover, he believes, and openly declares, that our government has built a "police surveillance state" (his toxic words, not mine) to oppress movements which might seek to thwart the will of the wealthy. Shameful. We all know that our benevolent government needs total information in order to protect us from the terrorists who are constantly seeking to destroy us because they hate our Freedom, or who are at least trying dominate us with their repeated attempts at imposing Sharia law at both the state and federal level.

    How are we supposed to protect ourselves from these incredibly sophisticated and diabolical occupiers Islamic terrorists if we don't record into a searchable database every electronic communication, purchase, and trackable action of each and every American citizen, and then have a militarized police force waiting to swoop in and dominate any evildoers? Ray Pensador clearly believes that we should roll over and expose our tummies to the constant and imminent existential threat that is Islamic terrorism.

    In short, Ray Pensador's capacity for CT is apparently unbounded. As we have been told here by those who would actually know, these 4th Amendment issues are trivial, worthy only of the concern of the privileged. We shouldn't be wasting our valuable unicode characters on such esoteric and irrelevant attacks on vital inconsequential components of the Bill of Rights.

    If I was as clinically prone to Conspiracy Theories as Mr. Pensador, I would suggest that the current inflation in the price of the crucial commodity aluminum might be due to Pensador stockpiling it, in, say warehouses around Detroit, where he might move it around in trucks daily to make sure that he always has an adequate supply within reach to craft his newest foil hat.

    So I ask again, why is Ray Pensador still allowed to ply his CTs here? While other, dedicated members, such as Reggid, have been banned for sockpuppeting doing God's work by engaging in the cognitive infiltration of this site and employing counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories such as those constantly shrieked by Ray Pensador?

    "Politeness is wasted on the dishonest, who will always take advantage of any well-intended concession." - Barrett Brown

    by 3rdOption on Tue Aug 27, 2013 at 08:57:56 AM PDT

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