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    Since this is in fact more of a legal question, one needing to be posed to lawyers and courts who can best answer such and I am not a lawyer, nor otherwise qualified to answer these type of legal questions, I will leave it to legal experts to do so.
    These are the sort of questions you should answer before proposing legislation, not afterwards.

    Tasers and stun guns are not "lethal weapons" any more than hiking boots are, the difference being that more people are kicked to death each year than die from Taser misuse. And I'm not a Taser apologist, that's just the facts. If you want to do some good on the issue, work to make the police accountable for Taser misuse rather than penalizing everyone else. After all, how many civilians killed someone with a Taser last year? Or, looking at your argument from the other direction, how well has the vast body of existing firearm law (which would then cover Tasers) reined in police misuse of firearms?

    Calling Tasers "lethal weapons" both exaggerates their misuse and diminishes the misuse of firearms. For instance, if I were to say "since according to you, Tasers and guns are both "lethal weapons", then you would be okay with guns being regulated like Tasers are regulated right now?", you would probably answer "No way!".

    And that's the answer in a nutshell. Equivalence goes both ways or it is not equivalence. Afraid I have to rec the "absolutely not" comment on this diary and bid it goodbye.

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