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  •  that's about what happened w/Libya. US role was (4+ / 0-)
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    quite restricted.

    •  The initial part, Operation Odyssey Dawn, was (3+ / 0-)

      under the direct command of AFRICOM. This lasted from March 19 thru March 24, 2011 when command of operations transferred to NATO except for activities of US forces. Full command was transferred to NATO (Operation Unified Protector) on March 31, 2011.

      The US supplied the bulk of the fighting assets during this period. By it's end, Operation Odyssey Dawn had completely gutted Libyan defenses. Further activities were mainly in ground support of Libyan rebels and targets of opportunity.

      BTW, for all practical purposes, NATO is controlled by the US. It's Supreme Allied Commander has always been American and the US pays 3/4's of it's costs.

      I would disagree that the US's role was restricted. It was simply kept in the background.

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