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  •  No military action. The only solution will (0+ / 0-)

    be political. Unfortunately, the NATO countries along with the GCC have ensured there would be none. They make preconditions that they know are completely unacceptable and have also continually sabotaged any attempts at talks.

    What many in the west don't seem to realize is that there is considerable support for Assad within the country. What is going on is a civil war overlayed with sectarian violence.

    The Russians have been consistent in saying that a political solution is the only way to resolve this. Any military solution will result in the complete destruction of the country. Unfortunately, the west and GCC are quite willing to let that happen. In fact, there is some viable evidence that this has been their initial goal in the first place.

    Syria is now a fucking catastrophic mess that's going to get worse even if the US bombs the shit out of the country. Most of the deaths are from knives, AK47's and improvised weapons (including missiles, canons and IED's).

    The only way to stop this type of fighting is with boots on the ground. All the US will be able to do is target an entire village with a cruise missile and let god sort them out.

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