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View Diary: Michigan cuts off news for the blind (54 comments)

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  •  Inevitable and warranted ADA lawsuits (1+ / 0-)
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    The state's legal expenses in defending against totally warranted Americans with Disabiltues Act lawsuits will easily eclipse the $52K.

    •  Bingo (0+ / 0-)

      thats usually the case for RW government. Spend millions to save pennies....

    •  The ADA is about access. Show the issue. (0+ / 0-)

      $52,000 divided by 3100 people is $16 each, per year.  If they want the service, they can buy it.

      Show how an ADA lawsuit is relevant.  This isn't about access, it's about paying for a service.  If I want a newspaper, I have to pay for it.  If I want a newspaper in braile, I still have to pay for it.

      The cost isn't outrageous, it isn't punitive or extortion.  It's $16/yr.  

      It's very simple.  If a blind person thinks the service isn't worth that much, they don't have to buy it.  If they think it is worth that much, pay up.

      Are you honestly going to pretend that $16/yr is such a high hurdle as to be considered a denial of fundamental access under ADA?

      The ADA is about allowing wheelchairs into buildings and such - real physical barriers.  It's not about giving out free shit.

      •  Library Services (0+ / 0-)

        This is about access to library services for a group of people with disabilities.  

        This is the same principle as free online access to library services for people in the community. Its a matter of public accomodation for access to a community resource.  

        You don't have to pay for online access to newspapers or magazines through your local library. Where I live there is a free magazine service available with online editions for all library patrons. I don't use it but I gladly pay my property and income taxes so others can have access.

        The population of MI is 9,876,187. The service costs about 1/2 cent per person per year to provide. Do you really think that this is an unaffordable accomodation for the state?  The Devos cartel doesn't need the tax break but we can collectively afford to help the disabled live fuller lives. (16$ is a lot of money for a person who lives on a limited income.)

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