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View Diary: The Two Most Disturbing Exchanges from the WH Press Conference (630 comments)

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    It boils down to a couple of key points.  First, Assad is known to have sugnificant stockpiles of chemical weapons for a long time.. Ther is to date no evidence of any kind that ive seen tagt the rebels had access to such weapons.  I'm sorry I can't find the stories about Assads efforts to move the chemical weapons to two sites to defend them against rebel capture.  To date, there are no reports that I've seen that the rebels seized and chemical rockets from heel copter gunships.  The rebels don't have those.   This raises the question, if the rebels did this, how did they get the rockets to do this?  I've seen no answer to that.

    Second, all the independent reports ive seen sugesst also that while the rbels clearly would have a motive for a false flag attack, they just dont have the capacity. As reported I this NPR piece there are very serious doubts they could have done it

    Also, there is the battlefield issue.  The attack was in Ghouta, a rebel controlled area fr
    Which rebels had been advancing on the capital (again) while the army was tied up at Homs.  Thus, there has been sustained regular shelling for some time of this area. (I think it is not credible to suggest that rebels were shelling themselves ). Juan Cole has a discussion of the state of the battle and how the deployment and thinnimg of the army may have required desperate measures to protect the capital.  I cant find the link to that analyaia at the moment either.   He actually cast serious doubt on the whole theory that the army could win across the country back on August 2 before the attack.

    Also, I relied on radio news stories (can't find links) on the day after from reporters interviewing civilians who described the munitions used during the context of other ongoing shelling.    These weren't rebels but civilian and medical staff  interviews.  Faked maybe, but they corroborated each other.

    So, you have means, motive, opportunity, and also a history of massacres by the regime.  On the other hand, we have al Nusra's attocities, which haven't trended this way as I've heard, and no rebel capacity to carry out the attack.

    If anyone can provide links of weapons or intelligence experts saying otherwise ill reconsider this view, but to date no one has presented any such evidence in any of these diaries

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