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View Diary: * New Day * — Ever had a job other people thought was cool but you hated? (220 comments)

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    this MB

    In July 1966, my second summer at Jolly Rancher, it was announced that Beatrice Foods had bought the place. When the company inspectors came through, they smiled and announced to our shock that the factory was the cleanest of any of Beatrice's operations
    Yes I have had a so called cool job that I hated with a was in Atlanta working for Polygram Records.
    I worked in the office of what they called " Rack" which was checking Billboard and other type polling to see what was climbing the charts and making sure the shelves were filled and taking orders of Albums as they were called in that day.  It was like working in a pressure cooker... more so than 911.. People manipulating the numbers of where people were on the charts and push push push....I think I was one of few that was not buzzing on drugs..the way folks acted.. I left.. There were days people like Tom Jones
    graced the place, and come Grammy night it was crazy.
    i remember my boss who was all of 25 escorted Crystal Gayle to the grammies..hated it.

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