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View Diary: Alabama woman: Their white churches preach racism (138 comments)

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    I remember one Sunday, my 80 year old Southern Baptist mother was visiting New Mexico.  We took her to the local Baptist church, and about fifteen minutes into the sermon, she told us that she wanted to leave.  The preacher was preaching Republican politics, condemning Democratc policies, praising Fox news, the NRA.  It was a political rally, not a church worship service!

    The use of the church in politics is not limited to the South.  Its time that the religious exemption for tax deductions was ended - especially when it is so blatantly exploited.

    My wife, daughter and granddaughters should have more privacy in their doctor's office than I have buying another rifle or shotgun.

    by NM Ray on Wed Aug 28, 2013 at 05:41:34 AM PDT

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