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  •  I don't claim to speak for all of them... (3+ / 0-)
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    But what I can say is that all of the SBC churches with which I have been acquainted or affiliated are far more concerned with local community and local issues than they are with what other SBC churches--or SBC leadership--has to say.  In fact, the vast majority of SBC churches don't even bother sending representatives to the yearly Southern Baptist Convention (yes, that's what the national meeting is called).  Most Southern Baptists can't name the current President of the SBC, nor do they know that he's an African-American.; rank-and-file Southern Baptists simply don't pay attention to that stuff.

    Every SBC church hires/fires its own clergy, chooses its own teaching material, and runs its own operations.  None of us speak for the others, and none of us tells the others what to do.  There is no 'chain of command,' hierarchy or lines of authority among Southern Baptist churches.  The SBC could pass a resolution tomorrow welcoming LGBT folks to all facets of church life, and it would not be binding on any individual church.

    You can point to the largest churches in the SBC (often with the loudest pastors), but they have absolutely no connection to any other SBC church save the common name.  Consider First Baptist Church of Dallas (TX) and its pastor, Robert Jefffers; as I learn more about that particular congregation and its "leader", I am utterly convinced that I would never set foot in that place, and that they would not welcome me in any active role once my views on several issues (see "recent controversies" on their Wikipedia page) became known.  That's OK, because that's how Baptist churches work; if Jeffers showed up in my town, I'd do everything I could to convince my church NOT to cooperate with him.  That's OK, too, because that's how Baptist chuches work.

    Just realize that Baptists, even Southern Baptists, are among the most autonomous of deonominations, with a high premium placed on the independence of each congregation.

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    by wesmorgan1 on Wed Aug 28, 2013 at 09:54:26 AM PDT

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