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View Diary: Fox News ignores elephant in the room: Wonders what's happening to Florida's beaches (141 comments)

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  •  the 'glass' idea isn't as nutty as it sounds . . . (3+ / 0-)
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    Sand is, after all, just very small broken pieces of silica quartz mixed with very small broken pieces of limestone---and another name for "silica" is "glass". Silica quartz sand is just as sharp and scratchy as glass is--which is why you don't want to get sand in your undies.

    Beach erosion is not unusual--it happens all the time, from ordinary weather. Replenishing beach sand is a normal part of ordinary beach maintenance. Many of the beaches in the Tampa Bay area actually truck in their sand from the Atlantic Coast, where they can get that nice pure white sugar sand that the tourists like (native Tampa Bay sand is light brown in color).

    But as sea level rises and storms become stronger, the rate of erosion will indeed sooner or later become higher than can be easily replaced.

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