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View Diary: Unfit judge rules rape victim who killed herself 'was as much in control of the situation' as rapist (171 comments)

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  •  What a load of crap. (8+ / 0-)
    If someone decides to have sex for whatever reason, that's their decision.
    I'm assuming you'll return to your keyboard when you're in a different state, and reconsider that post.

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    by occams hatchet on Wed Aug 28, 2013 at 01:59:04 PM PDT

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    •  guess there's no such thing as abuse or coercion. (12+ / 0-)

      we should just wipe those offenses out of our vocabularies.

      Because it could never happen that a boss says, "you will sleep with me or lose your job" to a person who desperately needs the job to provide for a family. So, when that other adult says "yes" to the sex, it is completely impossible for a crime to have been committed. After all, they're both adults.

      And when a person has been the subject of abuse and is psychologically frail and a predatorial "partner" latches on and whittles away at self-esteem on a constant basis, so that there is a "relationship" which the predator controls, no problem. Two adults! Nothing to see here.

      And when a man says to a woman, "if you don't have sex with me, I'll rape your daughter" and she agrees to have sex with him, well, hey, that's an adult decision!

      (Directed at Sparhawk, not occams, by the way.)

      Adults can be victims of abuse, manipulation and coercion, too. Anyone in a vulnerable position is quite susceptible to it.

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      by UnaSpenser on Wed Aug 28, 2013 at 02:15:04 PM PDT

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