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View Diary: Unfit judge rules rape victim who killed herself 'was as much in control of the situation' as rapist (171 comments)

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    it's not really statutory rape if the victim is "older that their chronological age."

    That's such bullshit.  No, she was 14 years old.  Period.  Statutory rape laws are not written such that it has to be decided how old a victim really is despite their chronological age.  That's not for a judge to decide, the age of consent as established in law is not fluid, it is static and it is the judges fucking job to apply the law, not to reinterpret it.  That's about the clearest case of judicial activism I've ever heard of.

    Words fail.  That jackass judge should be ridden out of town on a goddamned rail, much like the venerable Homer Stokes:

    Arrrr, the laws of science be a harsh mistress. -Bender B. Rodriguez

    by democracy inaction on Wed Aug 28, 2013 at 05:28:53 PM PDT

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