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View Diary: Unfit judge rules rape victim who killed herself 'was as much in control of the situation' as rapist (171 comments)

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    A well-hidden fact of the culture in Billings, Montana is the absolute rule of the education system and most of the government by the Masonic Order.  In fact, the entire State of Montana has been ruled by this "Fraternal" Order since territorial days and the original Vigilantes of the Gold Rush Era.  No Superintendent of the Billings School System has ever been hired without Masonic membership.  

    Nothing in the reporting of this travesty has included the possible connection between this judge as a loyal Mason and the criminal teacher's membership in the same organization.  Included in these types of ruling are religious connections in fundamentalist christian sects dominating the area with their patriarchal philosophies in which the man can do no wrong and women are all to be subservient.  Either or both of these aspects need to be investigated to understand the absolute idiocy of the judge's ruling and the ongoing protection of the rapist from consequences of his criminal actions.

    The Masonic Order has a long history stemming from England in which judicial members refused to prosecute, convict or sentence Masonic members guilty of crimes up to and including murder.  The members are sworn to protect all of their own against all outside society.

    The judge's Texas upbringing from a state haven for Masonic Orders tied in with the Oil Industry and the headquarters for much of the fundamentalist christian industry provides the background for such an absolute insane ruling and statements from this cretin.

    No local or Montana state reporter would dare to reveal these connections related to this story for fear of job loss or worse.  Only a truly investigative reporter from outside of the area could delve into the true nature of this abhorrent situation protecting a vile criminal preying on the youth of the area.

    The judge has now done his duty to protect one of his brethren and will likely resign without any penalty from our own judicial system too infested with the same brethren

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