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View Diary: If you support Single Payor, do you support a National Health Records Database? (87 comments)

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  •  Online medical records are a godsend (0+ / 0-)

    for those whose access to them is not at risk -- mine thru the VA for instance.

    It's also made medical treatment for TDCJ inmates more effective.

    That said, what I'd love to see is that you, the individual, own your medical records, and can keep them with you -- including imagery from MRI or X-ray, etc. -- in the form of, say, USB drives; something like a Medical Alert bracelet with the drive inside, updated at the end of every visit to any doctor.


    That way you have your records under your control. If there were some way you could create an official copy of your DD214, marriage license and birth certificate to keep secure (say, in a locked box at your house or in a safety deposit box), I'd be for that, too. You own your info, and you ought to be able to control it, have it with you, and determine who gets to access it when.

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