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    can require time. Only love and respect to you, Armando, my comrade. 100,000 dead can become - in the same time, same cost, and same effort - 1,000,000 dead with use of mass indiscriminate weapons of death. Yes, death is death, and we can apply that reasoning to all causes of death including war.

    But there isn't an equivalency between death and killing. Killing causes death. Death is an inevitable part of life, and that fact/truism is how a lot of killing gets dismissed, especially in war. I get that.

    When the means of killing however, the means of causing death, is so great, so beyond the existing means where a regime is pressing a new norm in any perversion that is war... it's something phenomenologically different. We accept in war killing with firearms, fire bombs, guns... we shouldn't accept it but we can't stop war, so there are certain accepted norms for when war happens. We do not accept killing with weapons that are orders of magnitude greater than existing conventional means.

    It's not callousness that prevails in opposition to chemical weapons. It's reasoned belief in practical boundaries that will save more lives that can be lost across those boundaries.

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