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View Diary: Here's why if you don't like inequality, you should support unions (51 comments)

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    And to add to the productivity issue.  I have one friend in client services management, another friend with a couple of sons in management level positions.  They are being worked like dogs...long hours...people are afraid to take vacations for fear of losing their jobs.  So it's not just jobs that people would traditionally think of as being union...everybody is having the life sucked out of them.


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      Though I appreciate all the discussion that has taken place on this Labor Day holiday, nobody is speaking directly to the problem which is global capitalism. It should be very clear to everyone that this system, if it ever did, does not work for not only the 99% of human beings, but it certainly does not work for planet Earth and all the other beings on it. I commend to all of you a book by Jerry Mander entitled, "The Capitalism Papers." In the 1970s, he wrote a very famous book entitled "4 Arguments for the Elimination of Television," which brilliantly exposed the role of marketing and advertising as the raison d'être for any television programming. Four decades later, we find ourselves in a cesspool of advertising no matter where we go. And the advertising is not just about products that you should consume endlessly, but it is also about political products, namely candidates and parties who will speak to you of hope and change, while plotting our demise. The globalization experiment that this country launched will ultimately destroy the planet, and conversations about workers pay and working conditions will pale in comparison.

      We can no longer continue this path of unsustainability or we shall all see our children and grandchildren suffer very grave consequences. Happy Labor Day!

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