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View Diary: Are Republicans Using Syria to Try to Put President Obama in a Corner? (40 comments)

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  •  Obama surely should have anticipated this. (0+ / 0-)

    So why hasn't he called Congress back into session to go through the formality of getting consent?  The Republicans love war, if asked they will approve the request.

    But since  they hate all things Obama he is just begging for  their descent if he goes ahead without them.

    It looks like he's trying to play mind games with them.  It that is so then he will leave most Americans pissed off that their leaders are still squabbling in the sand box.

    Obama has gone too far PR wise to not go ahead unless he can persuade some other nation to do the actual deed.  To back down now would have both parties screaming for his head.

    My concern, other than the obvious, is that if Obama goes ahead without Congressional consent, it will be sufficient grounds for an article of impeachment, with the possibility that it would actually lead to a conviction in the Senate.

    Why does Obama want to give Congressional Republicans this weapon when all he has to do is let the Republican hawks pass a resolution allowing the use of force?

    Why, if he cares about his legacy, or his party in re 2014/16, or the economy, or lessening terrorist threats, does he want to become a George Bush clone?

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