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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Potential challenger emerges for renegade New York Democrat (40 comments)

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    Odysseus, Gygaxian

    First, the Republican candidates aren't top tier.
    Joe Llohta was a Guiliani Deputy Mayor and more recently the MTA chairman.  No one likes the MTA. No matter how good a job they do at running the subway, buses, bridges, etc., the only MTA Chair that would be a hero is one that lowers the tolls and fares to zero.  In other words, everyone hates the MTA.  Also, Llotha is exceptionally boring to listen to.

    Catsimitidis is a supermarket magnate.  He hasn't been as bad as Carl Palladino as said in another comment, but he comes across as totally unqualified for the job.  The best line I read about him was he promises to keep the streets clean- and the reply was that he should do that in his Gristede's Markets first.

    After eight years of Guiliani and a dozen of Bloomberg, the city is aching for a change in leadership. We don't want a blowhard telling us what to do at every turn.  We want someone who realizes that there are five boroughs, not just Manhattan (one of the causes of Quinn's lack of popularity in the outer boroughs).

    de Blasio's tax hike plan on the wealthy needs State approval, so its not a sure thing by any means.   Even so, its quite a small increase- only on income over $500,000.  It would cost those people about $250 more for each $100,000 in income over the $500K mark.  (Someone making a million a year would pay $1250 more...hardly going to hurt them.)

    Will the corporate class go after de Blasio- yes, but the attack will fall on deaf ears.  The unions, the middle class, the poor, will all go for him no matter what.  

    Finally, I had the chance to meet de Blasio last October in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  He asked me about how prepared my school building was as an shelter site.  When I told him it really wasn't prepared and we didn't even have a generator, he was stunned.  We spoke for about 15 minutes and he gave me his cell phone number and its email address to send him a detailed account of what I thought the building needed.  While I never heard back, I'd imagine the four page (!) document I sent is sitting somewhere in his office.  

    Right now, I'm still voting for Bill Thompson, but I am wavering quite a bit.  I'm thinking it would be better to avoid a runoff and I'd be just as happy with a Mayor de Blasio as I would with a Mayor Thompson.

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    •  What New Yorkers vote for in a Mayor (1+ / 0-)
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      New Yorkers, I was one for most of my life, New Yorkers vote for the person tough enough to do the job.  Quinn isn't likeable, but she is certainly tough enough.  deBlasio is still introducing himself, and seems to be doing well.  Thompson comes across as competent, but not particularly tough.  As for GOP candidate Lhota, as MTA chair, he could certainly start a debate on being able to get NYC back on its feet within days after Superstorm Sandy filled the subways with millions of gallons of water.  In other words, if deBlasio and Lhota are debating on a stage, it will be interesting to see who has a better knowledge of how things work and how to get things done.  

      I'm not saying deBlasio can't do this, he can, but, now that he is showing he has a vision for New York, he has to prove that he is capable of carrying it out.  Lhota also has to present his vision as well.  All things being equal, deBlasio certainly has to be seen as favored over Lhota given that the city is so strongly Democratic, but, he can't take that for granted.  Lhota has plenty of room to grow too.  He has to show his command of details, present an overall vision and pull it all together.  It should be an interesting contest going into the general election.  

      I have a feeling that after 20 years of GOP mayors, NY'ers more than ready for something different.

    •  Lhota also worked for Cablevision and MSG (0+ / 0-)

      Two other respected and admired companies. NOT!!!

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