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View Diary: "Crackpot Realism" and Military Intervention in Syria (225 comments)

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  •  How true all of that is. And how telling that (4+ / 0-)
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    Gen. Butler's Step #2 is being systematically undermined by the war profiteers and disaster capitalists that run our country.

    Here in North Carolina, among the provisions of the most suppressive and unconstitutional voting law in the nation are numerous provisions to suppress the votes of "youth". Elimination of pre-registration in high schools, elimination of same-day registration, elimination of student ID's as valid ID's for voting, and closure of voting precincts on large college campuses are all part of that "suppress the youth vote" movement.

    These measures are directly taken from the ALEC "model laws" and, as such, have counterparts all over the country. They were written specifically to prevent the youth who would fight the wars from voting against the warmongers.

    "Bernie Madoff's mistake was stealing from the rich. If he'd stolen from the poor he'd have a cabinet position." -OPOL

    by blue in NC on Thu Aug 29, 2013 at 06:20:03 AM PDT

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