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  •  North Korea built on Korean racial supremacy (0+ / 0-)

    North Korea officially deleted any reference to socialism in the revision of their constitution in the 1990s.

    The DPRK's entire ideology was copied almost verbatim from that of Imperial Japan when it conquered Korea in the early 20th Century and decided to fight Korean nationalism by co-opting it.  Yes, the Yankees might be stronger and smarter than us, but we are pure of blood and therefore pure of heart, and we will win in the end because we are a united people totally devoted to our fellows.  Like a hive mind whose individuals do not fear death because they are merely tiny and temporary pieces of something transcendental and eternal, we of the Korean race are brave ... while those contaminated and degenerate foreigners feel no mystical connection and think only of themselves, and when faced with our determination to fight to the last, they will yield out of selfish fear and beg to serve us in order to be allowed to live.

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