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View Diary: Fast food workers strike in 60 cities (92 comments)

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    This is a great example of why some people, especially so-called "college educated" people need to get the hell out of Art, Literature and other a$$-grabbing classes and take some basic Economics.

    If McDonald's gave ALL (cause you can't pick and choose) 1.8 million of their employees a $6/hour raise (as they are demanding), and assuming the average employee works just 20 hours per week, it would cost the company and its franchisees an additional $11.23 BILLION PER YEAR. Where do you people think this money would come from?? It would come from drastically increased prices at the window, which would result in drastically reduced demand from consumers, which in turn would essentially kill the entire business model and jeopardize the jobs of 1.8 million people. And then all the unemployed people would bitch about how much it costs to feed a family of four at a fast-food restaurant.

    If someone is working a minimum wage job, they are obviously one of 3 things:
    1. Young and Living at Home
    2. Unskilled
    3. Uneducated

    If someone is any of these AND are also raising a family, IT IS THEIR FAULT. Take some responsibility for your actions, get an education and start working and saving at a young age. Nothing was handed to our parents grandparents and great-grandparents and nothing should be handed to you.

    I'm all for worker's rights and their basic safety, but if you don't like your job, look for a new one, or find a skill that allows you to add VALUE to the marketplace.  We are only worth what we bring to the table in terms of value.  

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