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View Diary: Shellie Zimmerman: Indicates George Zimmerman Lied About Mentoring Kids The Night He Killed Trayvon (220 comments)

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  •  The bigger criminals are the cops (0+ / 0-)

    Everything what they did was half hearted and they helped get Zimmerman off. And does anyone really believe Zimmerman was lucky enough to just be on the scene when he "rescued" that family from a car wreck?  And why would the cops take the trouble to issue a press releasee that Zimmerman rescued that family? I have never seen cops issue a press release for such routine help where the family was going to come out alive from an accident anyway. PLus thre was supposedly another person who came on the scene earlier and his name wasnt mentioned by the cops. Doesn't this smack of the  cops trying too harfd to rehab his image? I even think the cops may have informed Georgie Z that there was an accident on the scene and he had to come on by.

    And I still think that Angela Corey should be fired for her incompetent handling of the case. She not only pissed off the right wing nuts with her unethical behavior, she pissed us all off with her indifferent incredibly stupid strategy.

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